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How Does This Work?

*The buyer place the order 

  1.  A Middleman will contact the buyer and the seller on discord using the ORDER ID
  2. Before the exchange can start, the buyer have to pay the MM
  3. fee.Fee: $5 + 4% of item value.
  4. The seller will then transfer the item or account to the MM
  5. The MM will update the password and fully re-secure the account.
  6. The buyer will then send payment directly to the seller using any payment method both parties agree to.
  7. The seller then confirms to the MM payment was received.
  8. The MM will then transfer the item or account to the buyer and help them re-secure it. 

PLEASE NOT : We will transfer the account to the buyer only if the seller confirms the payment was received. 

Excellent website where you can buy a partner account. I got the account data less than 48h 

4 stars because, unfortunately, there are not many payment method. I hope they add crypto Currency soon. 

Dante / Order June 15, 2022

Very good website, I recommend if you are looking for a partner accounts

Smooth transaction via Paypal. 

Alex Dooms / Order August 13, 2021

Man finally you can make a purchase  without any struggle, a website only for partner accounts, you love to see it

Dario / Order August 13, 2021

I got the account in 48h after securing it. Not instant because they need to contact the owner first. In the end am satisfied. Thanks !

Sofia / Order January 6, 2022